New Courses and Workshops for 2018-2019

The following courses are new for the 2018–2019 academic year.

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Accessibility Studies

CVAS 100 Accessibility and Compliance Awareness
CVAS 110 Accessibility Standards
CVAS 200 Introducing Digital Accessibility
CVAS 210 Recruitment, Training, and Employment
CVAS 230 Public Spaces
CVAS 500 Field Experience: Capstone

American Sign Language

CASL 101 Introductory American Sign Language I
CASL 201 Introductory American Sign Language II
CASL 301 Intermediate American Sign Language I
CASL 401 Intermediate American Sign Language II


CBLG 400 Genetics
CBLG 605 Science and Government Policy Development
CBLG 606 Intro to Clinical Research and Trials
CBLG 607 Intellectual Property in Science

Business Technology Management

CITM 711 Cloud Computing

Computer Science

CCPS 616 Algorithms
CCPS 643 Virtual Reality
CCPS 853 Creating Big Data Systems
CKCS 113 Intro to Machine Learning
CKCS 115 Big Data Location Analyst
CKCS 116 Crowd-Sourcing Big Data
CKCS 117 Sharing Economy Big Data
CKCS 118 Big Data and Virtual Reality
CKCS 122 VR Developer for Smartphones
CKCS 123 AR Developer for Smartphones

Design Management

CDDM 999 Design Management Intensive


CECN 722 The Economics of Sports

Film Studies

CMPF 301 Business of Film

Food and Nutrition

CFNN 100 Nutrition and Health
CFNP 250 Markets, Food Systems/Food Policy

Gateway for International Professionals

CDCE 700 Effective Speaking and Listening
CDCE 710 Intro to Interpersonal Communic.
CDCE 720 Client-Centred Communication
CDCE 730 Presenting with Impact
CDCE 740 Teamwork Communication
CKHS 150 Multidsc Hlth Rsrch/Mgnt Seminar


CGEO 644 Spatial Databases

Health Services Management

CHIM 303 Intro to Health Coding Classification


CNNS 400 Critical Issues in Journalism
CNNS 401 History of Journalism
CNNS 404 Journalism's Best
CNNS 410 Queer Media
CNNS 412 Documentary Survey
CNNS 419 Journalism in Comedy


CGMS 400 The Global Business Environment
CZEN 420 The Business of Cannabis

New Media

CFPN 501 Scenography I: Art Direction
CFPN 601 Scenography II - Production Design

Occupational Health and Safety

CVOH 110 Promote Frontline Worker Mental Health
CVOH 115 Support Frontline Worker Mental Health
CVOH 225 OHS Ethical Leadership

Programs for 50+

CSAC 328 Directing Actors: Approaches
CSAC 341 Actions for Actors
CSAC 414 Scene Study: No Boundaries
CSAC 422 Alexander Technique II
CSAC 552 Playwriting III: Plays in Progress
CSAC 612 Forum Theatre Performance
CSAC 652 Playwriting Clinic
CSCC 912 A Question of Clown Character
CSCC 920 Caring Clown: Advanced Skills
CSMA 113 Deeper into Movies
CSMA 114 Eye on Foreign Films
CSMU 103 Spring Singing Level I
CSMU 110 50+ Singers
CSMU 111 50+ Spring Singers
CSPI 130 Behind the Headlines

Project Management

CKPM 220 Rescuing Failing Projects
CKPM 221 From Technical to Managerial

Public Relations

CDPR 116 Public Relations Ethics


CDPB 222 Copy and Stylistic Editing II
CDPB 314 Legal Publishing

Spanning the Gaps

CYSG 170 Academic Success Foundations V

Urban and Regional Planning

CPLE 795 Local Economic Development Fundamentals
CPLE 995 Ecn Development and Business Improvement