New Courses and Workshops for 2017-2018

The following courses are new for the 2017–2018 academic year.

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CACC 340 Financial Management


CARB 501 Advanced Arabic I
CARB 601 Advanced Arabic II


CCHY 104 General Chemistry

Computer Science

CCPS 270 Data Access and Management
CCPS 412 Social Issues, Ethics and Professionalism
CCPS 506 Comparative Programming Languages
CCPS 630 Web Applications
CCPS 844 Data Mining
CKCS 107 Data Analytics Through Excel
CKCS 155 Intro to Hadoop and Tableau
CKCS 175 Drone/UAV Pilot Ground School
CKCS 176 Drone/UAV Operations
CKCS 177 UAV Remote Sensing Apps
CKCS 180 IoT 360 Connectivity to the World
CKCS 181 Emerging IoT Technologies
CKCS 182 IoT Monetization and Value Creation
CKCS 185 Intro to Android Apps Development
CKCS 186 Intro to iPhone Apps Development
CKCS 995 3-D Printing Fast Track
CKCS 996 Big Data Tools Fast Track
CKCS 997 Drone/UAV Ground School Fast Track

Disaster Emergency Management

CSCI 230 Emergency Management Practice
CSCI 232 Incident and Operations Management
CSCI 234 Analysis of Critical Incidents
CSCI 241 Planning for Emergency Management
CSCI 243 Continuity and Risk Management


CECN 507 Economic Justice
CECN 509 Development of the Canadian Banking and Financial System
CECN 512 The Economics of Sex

Energy Management

CTEC 241 Energy Innovation
CTEC 264 Trends in Smart Grid
CTEC 269 Trends in Energy Conservation
CTEC 282 Public Policy in Energy

Facility and Property Management

CDFM 106 Leadership, Strategy, Business
CDFM 107 Recruiting and Managing Employ
CDFM 110 Leasing and Lease Administration
CDFM 111 Capital and Asset Management
CDFM 112 Risk, OHS, Regulations, and the Law
CDFM 113 Sustainability in Facilities
CDFM 114 Real Estate Planning and Development

Film Studies

CMPF 107 Film Tools and Applications I
CMPF 290 Introduction to Film Studies
CMPF 300 Film Technology: Multi-Media
CMPF 423 Film Technology

Food and Nutrition

CFNP 350 Interpersonal Comm/Counselling Nutrition


CGEO 642 Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS


CVGE 142 Aging: Individual and Soc. Aspects
CVGE 143 Aging: Ethical and Legal Consid.
CVGE 144 Aging and Technology
CVGE 145 Practicum Project Course

Graphic Communications

CGCM 738 Photoshopped! The Art of Image Retouching

Infrastructure Asset Management

CKAM 160 Infrastructure Repair
CKAM 170 Sustainable Building Design
CKAM 180 Preservation and Future Assets

Interdisciplinary Studies

CVIN 150 Advancing the Patient Experience


CNNS 344 Making a Difference: How Journalism Matters


CZMN 200 CSR Citizenship and Sustainability


CMTH 480 Probability and Statistics II

New Media

CDNM 999 Digital Art Production Intensive


CVNU 113 Paediatric Health Assessment
CVNU 114 Paediatric Health Assessment Workshop

Philosophy and Music

CMUS 503 Social Issues in Popular Music
CREL 101 Introduction to World Religions


CDFP 353 From Still to Motion
CDFP 414 Intro to Silver Photography
CDFP 432 Digital Printing Workshop
CDFP 905 Contemporary Photographic Art
CDFP 907 Using a 4X5 View Camera
CDFP 918 Photojournalism

Politics and Public Administration

CPOL 510 The Politics of Sexual Diversity

Programs for 50+

CSAC 611 Forum Theatre Workshop II
CSAC 623 Directing the Mask
CSAC 659 Reading Plays: Political Theatre
CSHW 100 Walk for Success

Project Management

CKPM 219 Mobile Project Management
CTEC 210 Fundamentals of Project Management

Retail Management

CRMG 806 Retailer Perspectives on Category Management

Social Sciences and Humanities

CSSH 505 Making the Future

Social Work

CSWP 301 Decolonizing and Anti-Oppression Practice
CSWP 932 Evaluating Social Work Practices

Spanning the Gaps

CYSG 160 Acad. Success Foundations IV

Urban and Regional Planning

CVUP 115 Planning Active Transportation
CVUP 155 LED Applied Research Project
CVUP 160 Capstone Project in LED