D2L Brightspace in The Chang School

All courses in The Chang School are supported by a D2L course shell as a means to enhance student interaction, engagement, and communication, as well as to support Ryerson’s sustainability and paper reduction goals. CECLs are required to use and maintain their D2L course shells every term. If you are teaching an online course, contact dehelp@ryerson.ca for information on your course shell.

What is D2L?

D2L is the learning management system (LMS) used at Ryerson to provide a virtual, online learning environment for CECLs and students. In addition to being used by Chang School CECLs to deliver online courses through Digital Education Strategies, D2L is also used by CECLs who teach classroom-based courses on campus. It does not replace your classroom teaching – it enhances it. CECLs are still expected to meet their students at their scheduled time in their assigned classroom/lab.

How does D2L enhance the teaching and learning experience?

D2L provides an interface that replicates a classroom environment. In classroom-based courses, it provides an opportunity to incorporate the following elements:

  • Your course syllabus/outline
  • Notifications, News, and Announcements
  • Teaching materials, such as copies of visual aids used in lectures
  • CECL contact information
  • Additional resources, including reading materials and links to outside resources in libraries and on the Internet
  • Quizzes that can be scored automatically
  • Electronic communication support, including email, discussion forums and chat rooms
  • A grade centre where students can track their individual grade statuses in the course (but not their official, final grade)
  • Assignments can be submitted online
  • Online collaboration by students

At the very least, as a Chang School CECL teaching a classroom-based course, you are required to use D2L to:

  • Post and distribute your course outline and class handouts
  • Communicate with your students and post announcements
  • Post marks on student assessments and tests throughout the term
  • Provide your contact information to the students

Chang School D2L Course Shell Template

Digital Education Strategies (DES) has created a special course shell template for Chang School courses. In addition to the standard D2L features (Announcements, Course Materials, etc.), this new template includes links to Policies and Resources and a special online Chang School CECL Help section.

In order to enable Chang School staff to support CECLs and to post emergency announcements, a generic ID is being added to all Chang School D2L shells (see Creating Groups).

If you are already a Chang School D2L user and would like to convert to the new template, contact dehelp@ryerson.ca.

Where can you learn more about D2L?

Ryerson has developed online resources for you to learn more about D2L. Please visit Courses@Ryerson: LMS Support for an overview of D2L’s features.

To request an orientation session to D2L, email dehelp@ryerson.ca.

If you are on campus, you can also attend a D2L drop-in clinic at the Digital Media Projects (DMP) Office. Visit the DMP Events page for more information.

How do you request a D2L course shell?

Before you can request a course shell, you need the following:

  • A valid, active teaching contract
  • The ability to log in to the my.ryerson.ca portal
  • Access to your course section in RAMSS

Once you have logged into my.ryerson, find Manage My Resources/Courses and Organizations and complete the request form.

You should request your course shell as soon as you accept your teaching job offer. If you do not request a course shell in time for fall class start-up, The Chang School will automatically create one for you. However, you will still need to post your course outline and course materials in the shell.

Where can you get D2L support?

If you are not able to find a solution from the Help section of your course shell, contact dehelp@ryerson.ca; be sure to include your course code and section number in the subject line.

If your students require help with D2L, direct them to help@ryerson.ca.