Strategic Marketing

With the increasing popularity of the Internet and the growth of globalization, the marketing industry is rapidly changing. Societal trends demand that more attention be paid to corporate social responsibility, social marketing, and sustainability; technology has provided new and more effective ways to identify, target, and interact with consumers; and traditional marketing functions are now included in the job descriptions of almost every member of a company.

The Certificate in Strategic Marketing will benefit learners who currently – or wish to – work in the field. The program offers the following:

  • a unique opportunity to generalize or specialize and to earn the Certificate in Strategic Marketing as well as a Professional Development Award; you may choose any four or five courses from the general stream or group your courses in one of four focused areas: Marketing Innovation, Marketing Research, Social Media, or Sports Marketing
  • an examination of new technologies and advancements in marketing
  • development of quantitative skills to measure the success of marketing plans
  • hands-on, practical programming through university-level courses that are governed by Ryerson University’s rigorous academic standards
  • practitioner instructors who are either Ryerson faculty or currently working in the industry

See Certificate and Course Information for program details.

Daryl D’Souza (@loudawgs), one of the instructors of CMKT 100, presents “Building Brand – The Power of Social Media” at TEDxRyersonU:

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