Security and Emergency Services

In person: 111 Bond Street
By phone: 416.979.5040
By email:

Ryerson is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all members of our campus community. Security and Emergency Services exists to provide programs and services that will respond to issues and concerns in security and emergency response-related areas.

In an emergency

  • Dial “80” on any internal Ryerson telephone, or press the “emergency” auto dial button (#1 red) free of charge from any payphone on the Ryerson campus.
  • The emergency blue phones located around the exterior of the campus are also a free call to Security.
  • Activate the blue “distress pull station” located in most hallways of buildings where classes are held.
  • Activate the red “distress station” located in most accessibility stalls in washrooms.

When to Call

  • a medical emergency
  • signs of smoke or fire
  • any violent acts or threats
  • crimes in progress
  • suspicious persons or activities
  • a gas smell
  • a chemical spill
  • any other safety concerns

Preventing Theft

The most commonly-reported thefts involve unattended items. Removing the opportunity for thieves to take your belongings can greatly reduce these crimes from occurring.

For additional information on this topic, please see all our Prevention Bulletins located on our website.

Evacuating the Building

In case of evacuation, Security Personnel will notify you by the building’s paging system or in person. Please follow all directions when evacuating.

Take all belongings from your immediate work area. You may not be able to re-enter the building after having evacuated. Ensure your computer is set up with a screensaver password and ensure that it is set to come on. This will provide a level of security for your computer.

In Case of Fire

If you see, smell, or hear a fire:

  1. Pull the closest fire alarm.
  2. Dial “80” from a safe location on any campus telephone; give Security all the pertinent fact
  3. Depending on the circumstances, you might try to put out the fire using existing equipment; use your best judgement
  4. If the fire does not go out, or spreads, leave the area immediately
  5. Close all doors
  6. Assist people with disabilities or children, as required
  7. Exit by stairwells; do not use elevators
  8. Leave the building by the nearest safe exit
  9. Wait outside the building as directed by Security or the Fire Wardens

Evacuation of Persons with Special Needs/Disabilities

Please refer to Evacuating Persons Requiring Assistance from our website for detailed information on this topic.

Security Staff

Recognizable in their black and white “Ryerson Security” uniforms, Security and Emergency Services protects the campus 24 hours a day. The main security office is located at 111 Bond Street (south of Gould Street, beside the Orthodox Church). Ryerson Bike Patrol officers can be seen pedaling around wearing their highly visible yellow jackets.

Emergency Services Team

Ryerson’s Emergency Services Team consists of a group of selected security staff that receive comprehensive training in emergency medical care and respond to medical emergencies across campus. Please contact Security for any medical emergency at 416.979.5040 or by dialing “80.”

Other Services

For more information on services offered by Security and Emergency Services, such as Walk Safe and self-defence classes, visit