Photography Studies

Photography has become an important medium of communication in industry, sales and advertising, government, education, the press, and the arts. Consequently, there has been a rise in the demand for properly trained and qualified individuals to work in these fields.

The Chang School's offerings in both traditional and digital photography provide you with the opportunity to learn about professional photography in a wide range of modes. Introductory courses enable amateurs to produce better images, while specialized courses provide in-depth exploration of specific techniques and approaches.

Certificate Information

The Certificate in Photography Studies is a basic professional program of study in photography for those who wish to upgrade their present level of expertise, retrain or make a career change, establish their own business, improve opportunities for advancement or job placement in photography-related fields, or prepare for entrance into the degree program.

Course Series in Creative Photography

NEW! Our Course Series in Creative Photography offers you a selection of short-term courses that will test your creative abilities. Topics include pinhole digital images, night photography, landscape photography, making a photographic book, and using smartphones as a fine art tool.

Spring/Summer Photography Studies Intensive

With the Photography Studies Intensive (CDFP 999) students have the opportunity to obtain the Certificate in Photography Studies over 12 intensive, five-day weeks in the Spring/Summer term. This unique fast-track program covers all required production, technology, and studio courses.

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You may also enrol in individual courses that are part of the Photography Studies Intensive (as opposed to the entire certificate program).

Equipment/Facilities Use:
Please note that use of equipment and facilities outside of class time will not be provided. Extra time may be purchased.

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