a white man and an Asian woman in front of a blackboard with how are you in English and Chinese written on itChinese courses at Ryerson focus on teaching basic vocabulary, sentence structure, and pronunciation of standard Mandarin Chinese. Designed for practicality, these courses have two main goals: overcoming psychological fears about learning Chinese, and gaining the confidence required to speak Mandarin. Although students are encouraged to read and write Chinese characters from the first day of classes, the focus of the courses is on practical communicative skills in standard Chinese. Simplified characters will be taught and tested throughout each course, and at higher levels, traditional characters are introduced for recognition. In each course, oral presentations are emphasized.

These degree-credit Chinese courses are professionally related elective courses for the Global Management Studies major within the Bachelor of Commerce program at The Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. Degree-credit Chinese courses are offered through The Chang School to suit the busy lifestyles of adult learners. In order to choose an appropriate course level, students are advised to consult the guidelines on the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures website. All students are required to take the Chinese Placement Test or attend one of our interview/placement assessment sessions prior to enrolling in any course in Chinese. Students must bring the results of this placement test to their first class. The following are language courses designed for non-native speakers. CCHN 101 and CCHN 201 are lower-level Liberal Studies courses, while students may use CCHN 301 and CCHN 401 either as lower- or upper-level Liberal Studies courses. CCHN501 and CCHN601 are both lower-level and upper-level Liberal Studies courses.

For more details on each course, see the following links:

CCHN 101 – Introductory Chinese I
CCHN 201 – Introductory Chinese II
CCHN 301 – Intermediate Chinese I
CCHN 401 – Intermediate Chinese II
CCHN 501 – Advanced Chinese I
CCHN 601 – Advanced Chinese II