Our Students

The Certificate in Community Engagement, Leadership, and Development will be primarily directed at adult learners with at least some previous university- or college-level education who are currently working in positions that interact with community members or who aspire to such positions with organizations in the public or nonprofit sectors.

The certificate program will appeal to workers from a range of disciplines in community service agencies in the nonprofit sector working with communities defined by geography (e.g., neighbourhood, city, or regional level), issue/interest (e.g., childcare, community health), or identity (e.g., age group, ethnicity). Practitioners and activists in organizations with a community development and advocacy orientation will also be drawn to the certificate.

The certificate program will also be relevant to the learning needs of professionals in the public and institutional sectors, such as:

  • urban and transportation planners working for municipalities;
  • public health employees, community outreach workers, and managers situated in hospitals and other health institutions;
  • staff in schools and boards of education committed to the school–community interface and parent engagement in their children’s learning;
  • labour organizers and leaders (e.g., union stewards); and
  • community development officers in social housing corporations