Academic Reminders for 2017-2018

This page will be updated throughout the academic year.

  • Ryerson Library can assist with course readings through the One-Stop Course Reading Service. All material photocopied for distribution to students must be copyright checked.
  • Course outlines must be compliant with Course Management Policy. They should be posted on D2L Brightspace, discussed in your first class meeting, and a copy emailed to Chang School Program Support at
  • Graded course work must be returned to students prior to the final deadline for dropping courses without academic penalty (see Important Dates for more information) so they are able to make an informed decision to remain in your course.
  • D2L Brightspace course shells are mandatory for all Chang School courses. Information links are available from our Teaching at The Chang School website.
  • Academic Consideration Submission Procedures (missed exams): Students taking Chang School courses who are enrolled in full-time and part-time degree programs at Ryerson must submit their requests for consideration to their own program office.
    Non-program students enrolled in Chang School courses must submit their documents to the Chang School front desk. The relevant office then notifies the continuing education contract lecturer (CECL) that these documents have been submitted.
    CECLs should not accept medical documentation. Student forms are downloadable from ESSR.