News Studies

The Certificate in News Studies is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of how journalists gather, report, analyze, and explain what is considered “news.” It will be of interest to those whose work intersects with journalists, media relations personnel, individuals interested in news and the media, and students interested in pursuing a career in communications.

Required Course

CNNS 101   News Studies:  Introduction to News Studies

Electives (select five)

CJRN 401   Journalism:  History of Journalism
CJRN 404   Journalism:  Journalism's Best
CJRN 412   Journalism:  Documentary Survey
CNNS 102   News Studies:  Understanding Multimedia Journalism
CNNS 344   News Studies:  Making a Difference: How Journalism Matters
CNNS 500   News Studies:  Journalism and the Arts
CNNS 502   News Studies:  Journalism and the World of Business
CNNS 505   News Studies:  Health and Science Journalism
CNNS 512   News Studies:  Reporting Sports