Online Faculty Course Survey (FCS)

FALL 2017

Chang School courses are included in Ryerson’s online Faculty Course Survey (FCS).

This survey is an opportunity for CECLs to receive student feedback on their teaching, on their course, and on how they interact with students. The results of the FCS will be available from after the start of the next term. It is strongly recommended that CECLs save their results and include them in their teaching dossier.

For detailed information, dates, and instructions, please go to the FCS website. If you have any questions, email

September 19 – October 9Course Validation: Go to to confirm and validate that you are the instructor for the Chang School courses listed.
October 17 – October 30Survey Modification: This is your opportunity to customize your survey by selecting optional questions for your students to answer. If you choose not to modify your survey, then students will complete the University Standard questions and Written Comments section only.

Go to the Faculty Course Survey link within
November 10 (6:00 p.m.) – November 24 (midnight)Online Faculty Course Surveys released for students to complete. Students must have a Ryerson online identity to access
Late December 2017FCS results available online through You are urged to save your results as a PDF so you can submit them to support your future teaching applications.
To InstructorsChang School CECLs will receive email communications and reminders during each stage of the FCS.
To StudentsChang School students will receive email communications.

Please encourage your Chang School students to complete the online Faculty Course Survey for your course. This is an excellent opportunity for them to provide you with feedback on your course and on your teaching. Assure them that their feedback will be anonymous.

A special student flyer will be available from The Chang School, Heaslip House (2nd floor instructor area), if you would like to distribute it to your class.
Need more information? or 416.979.5000, ext. 7566