Energy Management and Innovation

Transforming to a “green” economic model has emerged as one of the many challenges facing society in the 21st century. Converting to renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels is seen as the cornerstone of economic, environmental, and industrial sustainability. Globally, it is high on the public agenda of many countries. Renewable energy and the development of the smart grid are emerging as vital areas of academic and industrial pursuit. They are regarded as essential components to national prosperity, security, and maintaining a global competitive advantage. To prepare for and facilitate this transformation, countries need to invest in developing clean-energy technology and ensure that there is an appropriately trained workforce to lead innovation and drive industry – and vice versa, to lead industry and drive innovation.

The Certificate in Energy Management and Innovation provides adult learners with an opportunity to acquire a level of knowledge and expertise that will permit them to contribute effectively to energy management, conservation, sustainability, and public policy governing this regulated sector; and to energy innovation, entrepreneurship, and the challenges and opportunities for developing new energy technologies and business enterprises. This program has been developed in cooperation with Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Energy (CUE). A number of courses are now offered online.

The CUE is an institute focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative, practical solutions to urban energy challenges. An environmental scan conducted for the certificate program shows that similar institutes at other universities, and new renewable energy programs, are part of a growing trend. These newly developed programs meet an imminent need for knowledge creation and dissemination in the field.

Academic Coordinator Dr. Bala Venkatesh talks about the changing paradigm of energy delivery in this TEDx Talk: