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The Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) program offers courses for employers and individual learners in a variety of formats. WCC uses a collaborative and centralized design and development process that involves consultations and focus groups with subject matter experts, industry representatives from a variety of sectors, regulatory bodies, and internationally educated professionals (IEPs).

This unique approach ensures that course content is relevant, recent, and addresses the varying needs of businesses and their employees. The curriculum is competency based, and uses detailed performance indicators to provide learners with a clear understanding of what skills are required and expected from them at various employment levels. All courses and workshops cover theoretical concepts related to cultural differences in communication, and they use a "hands-on" approach to solving everyday communication challenges encountered in the workplace.

Workplace Communication in Canada offers courses for employers and individual learners.

On-Campus Courses

On-Campus Course Series

The WCC program offers a series of consecutive courses designed to help internationally educated professionals (IEPs) develop the intercultural communication and soft skills required to succeed in the Canadian workplace.
A review conducted in 2010 concluded that the curriculum is fully relevant and transferable. The curriculum is competency based, and uses detailed performance indicators to provide learners with a clear understanding of what skills are required and expected from them at every employment level.

All learners that are interested in this course series must participate in one of the communication and soft skills assessments before they enrol.

Course Delivery Format
Each course is offered partially in class and partially online. Courses span over six to eight weeks; they include Saturday intensives (six-hour classroom sessions) every other week, and an average of four hours of weekly online learning.

Advanced Canadian Workplace Communication for International Professionals
This course series is designed to help internationally educated professionals (IEPs) enhance their soft skills in order to build effective workplace relationships. Course participants learn and practice communication skills, such as client-focused communication, persuasion, negotiation, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making, as well as presentation and teamwork skills. All courses focus on understanding cultural differences related to communication and soft skills in the workplace.

Workplace Leadership Skills for International Professionals
These courses are designed for IEPs to enhance their leadership, communication, and soft skills in the Canadian context. Learners will gain a deeper understanding of the principles of organizational governance, and the cultural implications of the concept of leadership in the workplace. Learners will develop the following skills, among others: establishing effective relationships with both internal and external clients, fostering a culture of teamwork, and practising shared leadership.

Additional Courses
These interactive courses have been designed to enhance the communication and soft skills of IEPs. They are delivered in various formats: classroom and/or classroom/internet format and are offered on weekday evenings. Enrolment in one of these additional courses does not require participation in any of the communication and soft skills assessments.

CDCE 910 Effective Oral Communication (hybrid)        
CDCE 920 Canadian Workplace Etiquette (in-class)        
CDCE 350 Initiative and Innovation in the Workplace (in-class)        

Note: The WCC program does not offer internships, job placements, or job-search services. Also, completion of any of the WCC components does not guarantee employment or entry into the bridging program.

Off-Campus Courses

Off-Campus Courses - Featured Training

Recognizing the growing need for effective intercultural communication, as a means to increase operational performance in today's culturally diverse workplace, the WCC program has developed an interactive, fully online, and self-directed training program on intercultural communication for the workplace.

The training modules focus on developing and enhancing intercultural communication skills through various multimedia tools, such as simulated case-based scenarios, and other interactive workplace-related activities.

The following topics will be covered in the modules, among others:
• Developing cultural awareness
• Building effective workplace relationships
• Teamwork in cross-cultural teams
• Working with culturally diverse clients

Note: This training program is currently available to employer organizations only. Please contact us for more information.


Assessment of Communication and Soft Skills

Communication and Soft Skills Assessments have been designed to help international professionals (IPs) assess their existing communication and soft skills. Participants are assessed on activities related to a typical day in the workplace: getting to know the company, participating in team meetings, making joint-team decisions, and providing suggestions and recommendations using an evidence-based framework. The context in which the learners demonstrate these skills is relevant to the participant's professional experience. For example, the scenarios provided are related to areas of business and finance, information and communication technology, and health and social services.

The following assessments are currently available:
CDCE 100 Communication Skills Assessment and Planning (non-sector specific)        
CDCE 110 Assessment for Business IPs        
CDCE 111 Assessment for IAFP        
CDCE 120 Assessment for IT IPs        
CDCE 130 Assessment for Health Services IPs        
CDCE 131 Assessment for IESW        

Based on the outcomes of the assessment, learners work on developing a plan to enhance their communication and soft skills to meet professional career goals. This process contributes to increased self-confidence, and it also creates a realistic individual perception of strengths and areas of growth related to intercultural communication and soft skills. .


Workshops on Intercultural Communication and Soft Skills in the Workplace

Workplace Communication in Canada offers workshops on intercultural communication and soft skills on campus or on-site for businesses and organizations on an as-needed basis.

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