Film Studies

The Chang School’s Film Studies offerings provide a good grounding in the principles, contemporary theories, and techniques of the motion picture medium. Courses range from an introduction to basic filmmaking to specialized courses such as screenwriting; cinematography and lighting design; directing screen performance; production design; sound design; and the business of developing, producing, and marketing motion pictures.

You may take one or more courses or workshops, or pursue the Certificate in Film Studies, a basic professional program of study. The certificate program is an excellent starting point for students who want to pursue a career in the film industry or satisfy their curiosity about film and film production.

woman taking video with her phoneNEW! Do you want to learn how to use your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) for filmmaking? Check out our Course Series in Film Production Techniques Using Mobile Devices for hands-on courses in topics such as visual storytelling, video production, editing, and publishing techniques using mobile technology. For scheduling and enrolment details, please contact Ana Abreu at

The Chang School showcases the talents and recognizes the skill and dedication of continuing education film students at the annual Peter Gerretsen Film Awards.

Condensed Scheduling Option

Students have the opportunity to obtain the Certificate in Film Studies over 12 intensive, six-day weeks in the Spring/Summer term. This unique fast-track program covers all required motion picture production, technology, and digital editing courses, plus three electives. See CDMP 999 Summer Film School for further information.

Note: Equipment and facilities are accessible to students during class time, but use of facilities outside of class time will not be provided.

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