Health Studies

The Certificate in Health Studies is designed for those who require a breadth of knowledge spanning different subject areas in health-related fields. It provides opportunities to gain professional recognition by choosing the courses you identify as important to your career or personal goals.

You may also choose to take just three courses to earn a Professional Development Award, which provides knowledge in a particular area and recognizes an achieved level of professional development. The three courses may then be applied to the certificate for which they were designed, or to the more general Certificate in Health Studies.

The following are some sample pathways you might take to earn the Certificate in Health Studies:

Combine two Professional Development Awards

Build on a Professional Development Award

  • For example, you may choose to complete the Professional Development Award in Health Informatics (CHIM 305, CHIM 306, and CHIM 307) and then the one required course for the certificate, CHSM 301, and two electives of your choice (for example CPSY 102 Intro to Psych + CPSY 802 Death, Dying and Bereavement
  • PDHI + CHSM 301 + 2 electives = Certificate in Health Studies

Take courses as needed to fill gaps in professional background

  • For example, complete the required course, CHSM 301, and five electives of your choice to earn the Certificate in Health Studies.
  • CHSM 301 + 5 electives = Certificate in Health Studies

One more option to consider

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