Admission and Registration

The goal of the Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences is to allow any individual, regardless of his or her academic or professional background, to access the certificate. For information about direct entry into the Aboriginal Knowledges and Experience Certificate and mature student status, please visit the certificate and course information page. Any individual requiring extra skills to be successful in the certificate or who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent can apply through the Transitions to Certificate Program or through Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services (RASS). The Transitions to Certificate Program and RASS Summer Access Program provides learners with academic supports to assist with the certificate. All individuals who have successfully completed the Transitions program will gain admission into the Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences.

Students may be registered in only one certificate program at any one time. To allow maximum flexibility in crediting external courses and/or courses previously taken at Ryerson, students should register in the certificate at the beginning of their first course. Students pursuing a certificate must obtain the approval of the academic coordinator, and then formally register in the certificate program prior to the completion of 50 percent of the curriculum requirements for the certificate.

For complete details on the advantages of early registration, registration deadlines, and transfer credit restrictions, all students should read the information on Registration in a Certificate Program and Graduation.

Students should be aware that, while they may obtain course credits prior to registration in courses in the Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences, those courses will not count toward the student’s GPA. Courses taken while formally registered in the Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences will be calculated in the GPA for graduation purposes.