Our Partners

Ryerson University’s Aboriginal Education Council (AEC) is an important partner that will ensure the Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences continually represents Aboriginal worldviews and is responsive to societal needs. The AEC will have an active advisory role in contributing to and monitoring the guidelines for the selection of instructors in this certificate. This is consistent with a major role of the AEC, which is to give input into Aboriginal programming and education at Ryerson.

The certificate’s Steering Curriculum Committee consulted with members of the Aboriginal community through the duration of the proposal development process. This has evolved into the Standing Curriculum Committee, which is primarily responsible for:

  • coordinating curriculum development within the certificate;
  • liaising with teaching departments:
    1. to ensure the quality, currency, and content of constituent courses;
    2. to ensure appropriate course staffing strategies, including the recruitment and approval of instructors to teach certificate courses;
  • undertaking ongoing review of program objectives, learning outcomes, and career competencies;
  • recommending revisions to the certificate to The Chang School Council.