Career Resources

The Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences has two functions with regards to employment. First, the certificate acts as a career builder by inviting a range of individuals without post-secondary education into university-level studies. The certificate can support individuals in applying for a variety of degree programs after completing the certificate and gaining confidence in one’s abilities in  university-level studies. In particular, Aboriginal learners will see that the university is striving to provide a curriculum that is relevant and accurate about Aboriginal worldviews and experiences.

The Certificate in Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences can also function as a career changer or enhancer. In terms of career opportunities, this program will appeal to public and private sector professionals in various fields where knowledge of Aboriginal experiences would be beneficial.

A preliminary job search for employment opportunities working with Aboriginal peoples on, August 16, 2012, found a long list of employment opportunities. A sample of the job positions available included the following:

  • Aboriginal Education Advisor
  • Aboriginal Education Consultant
  • Aboriginal Outreach/Recruitment Officer
  • Aboriginal Community Outreach Assistant
  • Community and Aboriginal Liaison
  • Aboriginal Cancer Care Coordinator, Health Services Field
  • Director, Aboriginal Relations Branch, Government
  • Senior Advisor, Aboriginal Affairs, Environmental Assessment Agency
  • Assistant Professor (Aboriginal Education)
  • Aboriginal Nursing Advisor, College of Nursing
  • Aboriginal Health Liaison Nurse, Registered Nurse
  • Official Language Coordinator, Aboriginal Language Programs
  • Strong Voices Aboriginal Program Coordinator
  • Senior Representative Community and Aboriginal Affairs
  • Director, Aboriginal Peoples’ Centre and Aboriginal Initiatives
  • Biology/Chemistry Instructor, Aboriginal Resource Centre