Facility and Property Management

office furniture in a modern space

Almost every organization has offices, warehouses, manufacturing centres, data centres, or other facilities to support their business needs, whether in the private or public sector.

Facility managers and property managers are the stewards of the space their organizations occupy or the assets their organizations own. They get involved in issues ranging from technical to environmental to human resource to space and leasing and even real estate strategy to provide productive, safe, comfortable work environments for their organization’s employees.

People in the industry can have many different titles and roles, from specialists in leasing, engineering, energy, environment, ergonomics, finance, and more right up to head of the facility management (FM) department, with titles like Office Manager, Facility Manager, Asset Manager, Property Manager, Director of Facilities, and even Vice President of Facilities.

Our Program

This certificate program is designed to equip you with the most important skills you need for the facility and property management profession, whether you want to be the head of facilities or simply want to be in one of the many specialist and support roles larger organizations need.

It includes facility and property management specific courses that focus on the core responsibilities as well as specialty areas that cover all types of occupancy, asset or industry type. This includes technical areas as well as key business competencies that are important to a successful career.

It’s ideal if you are currently

  • working in the profession for a small company and want to expand your responsibilities with a larger organization;
  • working in a related field such as architecture, engineering, or a building trade and want to move into the facility or property management profession;
  • working in a junior or specialist role and want to advance your career; or
  • interested in a career change and need a foundation to get you into the facility or property management profession.

The Certificate in Facility and Property Management can help you achieve your career goals in an interesting and rewarding career. It combines direct facility and property management skills and competency with broader business- and management-related competencies necessary to thrive in the profession.

Our Instructors

Each of your instructors for the facility and property management courses has hands-on practical experience and is currently working in the profession.

They provide a valuable combination of course work and instruction as well as practical examples, anecdotes, and experiences that tie the knowledge of their specific course into the overall profession and enable you to see the practical application of the knowledge you learn in class.