Elder Abuse Awareness

Programs for 50+ and Community Engagement has partnered in the launch of an elder abuse awareness project benefitting seniors and their families. Developed by Caregiving Matters, this multi-phase initiative includes a free full-day program of interactive presentations at The Chang School’s 50+ Festival (June 2013), a workshop providing resources to confidently address elder abuse issues (October 2013), and a forum to share success stories and celebrate accomplishments.

Check out the following videos of presentations made at The Chang School’s 50+ Festival in June 2013:

VIDEO: Elder Abuse – Essential Background

Dr. Sandra Loucks Campbell and Commonpoint logoDr. Sandra Loucks Campbell, MSW, PhD, Commonpoint, defines elder abuse, explains how and where it happens, and discusses the provincial and federal legislation protecting elders.

Sandra Loucks Campbell’s abiding passion through her career has been her interest in improving the lives of older persons. She has developed creative programming, elder abuse specialty programs, senior learning and teaching programs, specialized counselling services, and many other programs at the front line, middle management, and senior management levels. Now, supported by her work as an instructor in social work and leadership programs in universities, she has founded and renewed her energy in her work with Commonpoint Service Inc.

VIDEO: Planning for Life and Life’s Uncertainties: Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorneys

Elaine Blades and Scotiatrust logoElaine Blades, Director, Fiduciary Products & Services, Scotiatrust, J.D., MTI, STEP, explains the goal of wills. She reminds us that proper planning provides protection and peace of mind and can help stop elder abuse; you should make sure you choose the “right” executor and attorney; and you should not take dangerous shortcuts.

Elaine Blades is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and was called to the Ontario Bar in 1989. After a short time in private practice, Elaine moved to a role in trust industry. In her current role as Director, Fiduciary Services at Scotiatrust, Elaine is responsible for the positioning of all personal trust services. She is a former instructor at the Bar Admission Course and is on the curriculum committee at the Trust Institute. Elaine writes a bi-weekly column for Advisor’s Edge Report and is regular contributor to the All About Estates blog. She is married with two teenage sons.

VIDEO: Stop the Abuse Before It Happens – Tips and Strategies for Safeguarding Your Money and Assets

Linda Alderson, CA, Let the Records Show, explains the record-keeping responsibilities when looking after someone’s money, and what someone should expect when they hand the day-to-day management of their money and property to someone else.

Let the Records Show logoLinda Alderson is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in Australia, England, Hong Kong, and Canada in a variety of accounting roles. The past few years have provided opportunities to become more involved with estate management, where the lack of proper record keeping has led to litigation as siblings take their siblings to court over the financial management of their parent’s affairs. Her response to this kind of work was to write a book providing information and tools to help people manage the task of looking after someone else’s money to help them stay out of litigation court. It also addresses the issues that we should all be aware of when choosing our attorney for property and estate executor. Most recently, Linda has been engaged by a number of organizations to provide information to their membership on how to best protect themselves from financial elder abuse.

VIDEO: Elder Abuse 101

Detective Sgt. Leslie Raymond, Abuse Issues Coordinator, Central Region OPP, shares the legal definition of elder abuse and the role of the police in elder abuse cases.

Detective Sgt. Leslie Raymond and OPP logoDetective Sgt. Leslie Raymond has been with the OPP for 15 years. In her role as the Abuse Issues Coordinator for Central Region OPP, Leslie deals with all abuse issues, including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and elder abuse and mental health. Prior to joining the OPP, Leslie was a Social Worker with the Simcoe County Children’s Aid Society, where she spent nine years as a caseworker. Leslie graduated from the University of Toronto with her Master of Social Work.

VIDEO: Final Days, Finest Hours: What Lawyers and Doctors Can’t Do at Life’s End

Mark Handelman, BA, LL.B., MHSc (bioethics), Counsel, Whaley Estate Litigation, discusses the murky territory of capacity, the legal definition of death, and choosing the right power of attorney.

Mark HandelmanMark Handelman practised law in London, Ontario, including civil litigation, criminal defence, and prosecution. He was one of Ontario’s first members of the Official Guardian Child Representation Program. Mark was appointed to the Consent & Capacity Board in 1998 and became a Vice Chair and Senior Lawyer Member in 2000. He became Acting Toronto Regional Vice Chair and then Regional Vice Chair in 2001, for which he stopped practising law and moved to Toronto. He was the Board’s only Vice Chair for quality assurance and presided at over 2,200 Board Hearings – including the majority of the Board’s “end of life” cases. Mark is now in the private practice of health care law. He also prepares wills and Powers of Attorney, particularly for persons with limited capacity, and is frequently retained by other lawyers to assist their clients with these important documents.

VIDEO: Families: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Audrey Miller, MSW, RSW, CCRC, CCLCP, Managing Director, Elder Caring Inc., discusses family dynamics and caregiving.

Audrey Miller and Elder Caring Inc logoAudrey Miller is the founder and Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. Audrey is a Registered Social Worker, a Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor, and a Canadian Certified Life Care Planner. She has published numerous articles and is a weekly blogger at allaboutestates.ca. Audrey is frequently asked to speak on caregiving, health, and aging issues at home and in the workplace. She has spent the last 25 years working with differently-abled individuals and their families, focussing on rehabilitation issues to improve function at home, and in the community.

VIDEO: Elder Abuse – A True Solution

Dr. Sandra Loucks Campbell, MSW, PhD, Commonpoint, discusses strategies to address elder abuse and the effects of ageism. Her call to action: Seniors, capable adults, should have all the rights and privileges accorded other functioning adults.

Caregiving Matters logoThis elder abuse awareness project is a partnership between Programs for 50+ and Caregiving Matters.