Career Advancement Workshops for Engineering Technicians and Technologists

Are you an engineering technician or technologist in an electrical, civil, mechanical, industrial, or technology-related field who wants to develop skills and knowledge in the non-technical aspects of your profession? Do you want to become a stronger technical manager with the goal of advancing to a higher-level role?

The Chang School offers several career advancement workshops specifically designed to meet the needs of technicians, technologists, and individuals in the engineering sector and the manufacturing of electronics; the creation of software; computer applications and databases; and the construction of technology-centric physical infrastructure – all of which draw on the electrical, civil, mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering and technology-related fields. These workshops were developed with the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), based on industry research into the specific professional development needs of engineering technologists and technicians in Ontario.

All workshops are led by members of Ryerson University’s Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science and Faculty of Science (who are themselves accomplished technicians, technologists, and engineers), or by expert practitioners who are technical managers or executives in the sector and have in-depth non-technical expertise related to the workshop topics. Workshop content was developed by professionals with real world expertise and members from Ryerson’s esteemed technical faculties, all of whom are well-positioned to suggest how to best serve the career advancement and professional development needs of today’s technical professionals.

Each workshop is offered at a cost of $595 for OACETT members and $795 for non-members.


Contract Procurement for the Technical Sector (CKME 700)

In this workshop, participants learn from a senior technologist how to execute the key contract and procurement processes required to adhere to government rules and licensing requirements, including administering contracts.

Human Resources Foundations for the Technical Sector

From senior technical managers, participants learn to apply essential best practices in technical sector HR processes to ensure staff success.

Finance and Accounting Foundations for the Technical Sector (CKME 701)

From technical leads with C-Suite experience, participants learn how to analyze accurately financial reports and how to effectively make decisions based on accounting and financial information.

Instructor: Crystal Sharpe, CPA, CGA, HB Comm, is a versatile, high-energy manager who leads companies through change and challenge to profitable growth. She is a strategic problem-solver with an extensive background in finance, complemented by diverse talents in technology, project management, and leadership. She is currently the Manager of Finance and Strategic Planning at Leber-Rubes Inc., a fire protection and building code consulting engineering firm. Crystal has held roles as a senior accountant and senior compliance analyst. She holds a BComm, Certificate in HR for Finance Professionals, Certificate in Strategic Leadership from Richard Ivey School of Business - CGA Ontario, and Certificate in Creative Problem Solving and Innovative Thinking from DeGroote Business School - CGA Ontario.

Marketing Foundations for the Technical Sector

Participants learn from a technical manager how to conduct environmental scans of the market and compare competitors in order to leverage optimally both online and emerging marketing strategies for attracting and promoting clients.

Health and Safety’s Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks for the Technical Sector

With a technical expert, participants will acquire depth and breadth of knowledge and applied best practices of health and safety regulatory and legislative compliance in their technical organizations.

Risk Mitigation in the Technical Sector

Participants learn to apply risk mitigation best practices to leadership and decision-making within a technical sector enterprise.

Advance your career through these in-demand workshops. To enrol, contact Debbie Wilk, Manager, Program Support, at or 416.979.5000, ext. 6975.