Caribbean Studies

feathery Carnival maskThe Caribbean is a fascinating and enriching field of study. An area of incredible diversity – ethno-racial, linguistic, political, economic, and geographical – Caribbean Studies is truly interdisciplinary in nature. The Caribbean region is a created space, first inhabited by Indigenous peoples and then irrevocably transformed by European colonizers, enslaved Africans, indentured Portuguese, Indians and Chinese, and migrants from the Middle East. The diversity of people, as well as transplanted flora, and fauna, created a truly unique site, arguably the first globalized locale on earth. Caribbean peoples and societies have exhibited tremendous resilience through the ravages of colonialism, slavery, indentureship, poverty, debt, and neocolonialism. The Caribbean diaspora in Canada, particularly Toronto, represents a significant population, while the number of Canadians who visit the Caribbean each year is growing. Many Canadians, even those of Caribbean origin, are not familiar with the Caribbean in all its diversity. The Certificate in Caribbean Studies is meant to enhance an understanding of the region in order to develop and reinforce the strong social, academic, and commercial links between the Caribbean and Canada. As well, it further enhances intercultural relations and deepens students’ knowledge of Caribbean history and culture.

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