Our Instructors

Shafi U. BhuiyanShafi U. Bhuiyan, MBBS, MPH, MBA, PhD, is Adjunct Professor, School of Occupational and Public Health, Global Health Education; Research Fellow and Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Ryerson University; and Assistant Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. He has over 12 years of experience in global health education and research in several academic institutions around the world. He specializes in international collaboration in health care development, urban health, maternal, neonatal, and child health, and health system strengthening. Prior to joining Ryerson, he spent over 10 years teaching and conducting research in the areas of global health operational field research at the Mahidol University of Thailand, the Osaka University of Japan, and the University of Toronto. Dr. Bhuiyan has published approximately 50 papers in international journals and conference papers. In addition, he has developed a number of courses, seminars, and workshops, and leads conferences in the arena of global health research and international health development.

Jerry KafiehJerry Kafieh, Hon BSc, PMP, ITILv3, is a skilled, certified project management professional who has successfully delivered business value through projects for over 15 years and provides Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) expertise.  Within the field of project management, he is an established instructor whose skills are founded in his diverse experiences leading teams, implementing new technologies and new business processes, all within a variety of organizations and industries. Currently, Jerry teaches project management at Ryerson University and has also taught project management for other types of educational organizations. Since 2005, Jerry has instructed learners on a wide range of project management topics from fundamentals to portfolio management to PMP Certification Exam preparation. He has customized learning content and managed delivery in a variety of instructional settings, including classroom, online/distance, webcast, and workshop environments. Jerry has managed large teams on multi-year, multi-million dollar projects in complex and highly politicized cultures. His experience includes recovering troubled projects and developing project management office infrastructure including portfolio management functions. Jerry is currently employed with TD Bank Group where he leads a large technology program.

Tim SlyTim Sly, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Ryerson University, holds public health qualifications from the UK and Canada, and has 14 years of field experience with regional health units in Canada. He holds an MSc in Epidemiology from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Western Ontario, and a PhD in Risk Studies from Teesside University (UK). For 30 years he has been a faculty member and director of Ryerson’s School of Occupational and Public Health and associate faculty member in Ryerson’s Yeates School of Graduate Studies. He has lived, lectured, and consulted in Brazil, Taiwan, the UK, the US, and across the Caribbean region, and has just completed eight years as external examiner for the University of Technology, Jamaica. During the 1990s, he was on the Auditor General of Canada’s Expert Committee on Food Safety, and has special interest in the epidemiology of foodborne diseases, prion diseases, and influenza. He has published more than 70 papers and reports in Canada, the UK, and the US, and one of his publications on risk is being used for training purposes by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Government of New Zealand. He has recently agreed to visit the Philippines to train food and drug staff in sampling, risk assessment, and foodborne epidemiology during 2014 and 2015.