Business Communication

Are you looking for transferable skills that you can apply to a wide variety of roles? The Chang School’s Certificate in Business Communication is a professional communication program designed to help you advance your written and oral communication skills. Industry instructors will share their expertise in communicating in today’s global workplace, including how to write concise letters, prepare efficient reports, deliver powerful presentations, and interact effectively with others.

“Communication is critical in business, and the only way to stand out in that crowd is your ability to communicate. That’s what gets you ahead in your career.” – Wally Kowal, an instructor of the distance delivery (online) section of CCMN 279, discusses the importance of professional communication:

Who should enrol in this program?

Our Business Communication program is designed for professionals who would like to expand their knowledge of professional communication concepts and practices. Prepare for entry-level roles in corporate communications or build your skill set for career advancement opportunities.

Certificate and Course Information

Enrol in individual courses or register for the Certificate in Business Communication. Consult the certificate program information for details including course information, certificate requirements, and information about admission, registration, and graduation.

How Can a Certificate Benefit You?

Completion of our Certificate in Business Communication adds value to you! Here are some great reasons to pursue your certificate:

  • Build a comprehensive base of practical, real-world knowledge and skills.
  • Earn a well-respected credential that carries significant weight in this industry.
  • Develop professional connections through your fellow students, expert instructors, and other industry specialists.
  • Make your education a priority, complete a full program of study, and enjoy the reward of achieving a milestone goal.

Register now! Visit the Certificate in Business Communication for more information.

Program Design

This program will help you develop a high level of competence in communication, particularly in business and government organizations. Advance your skills in the following key areas of focus:

  • communication process: move from idea to message creation
  • professional language and style: control word choices, structure, tone, and style
  • reader-centred planning and writing: analyze and tailor communications for your audience
  • message strategies: inform and persuade your readers
  • document design and formats: choose the right channels
  • listener-focused presentations: master presentation skills
  • communication confidence: develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills
  • critical thinking and analysis: problem-solve and evaluate findings
  • leadership and teamwork: develop a leadership style and collaborate effectively
  • organizational challenges and diversity: break down barriers to communication
  • virtual communication: use technology and communication tools

For sample course outlines (in-class delivery), consult the Ryerson University School of Professional Communication website.

Ready to enrol?

Enrol in person (350 Victoria Street), by mail, or online. Consult Enrolment for further details.

Contact us

For more information on The Chang School’s Business Communication program, contact Sandra Rosenberg, Academic Coordinator, Professional Communication.

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