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Certificate Programs

Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences
Accounting – Finance
Accounting – Advanced
Advanced Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management
Advanced International Trade Management
Advanced Safety Management
Aging and Gerontology
Applied Digital Geography and GIS
Applied Digital Geography and GIS, Advanced
Architecture, Advanced
Business Communication
Business Decision Analysis
Business French and Translation
Business Management
Canadian Dietetic Knowledge Competencies
Canadian Social Work Practice
Caribbean Studies
Community Engagement, Leadership, and Development
Computer Programming Applications
Computer Security and Digital Forensics
Criminal Justice and Criminology
Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics
Demographic Analysis
Design for Arts and Entertainment
Design Management
Digital Art Production
Disaster and Emergency Management
Economics and Finance
Energy Management and Innovation
English Literature and Popular Culture
Entering Foreign Markets
Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Environmental Sciences
Facility and Property Management
Fashion Coordination and Styling
Film Studies
Financial Mathematics Modeling
Financial Planning
Food Security
Foundations of International Management
French, Proficiency in
Fundraising Management
Global Management Studies
Graphic Communications
Health Informatics
Health Services Management
Health Studies
Human Resources Management
Image Arts (Film Studies or Photography Studies)
Information Systems Management
Interior Design, Fundamentals of
Internationally-Educated Engineers Qualification Bridging (IEEQB) Program
Landscape Design
Leadership in Organizations
Lighting Design
Local Economic Development
Media Writing Fundamentals
Mental Health and Addictions
Music: Global and Cultural Contexts
News Studies
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management
Nursing Leadership and Management, Advanced
Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational Health and Safety Leadership
Photography Studies
Privacy, Access, and Information Management
Project Management
Project Management for Technical Professionals
Public Administration and Governance
Public Administration and Governance, Advanced
Public Administration and Leadership
Public Relations
Retail Management
Robotics and Embedded Systems
Social Sciences and Humanities Foundations
Spanish, Proficiency in
Strategic Marketing
Sustainability Management and Enterprise Process Excellence

Course Series

3-D Printing, Visualization, and Agile Product Prototyping
Advanced Make-Up Artistry and Special Effects
American Sign Language (ASL)
Applied Analytics and Statistics for 21st Century Decision-Making
Architectural Preservation
Architectural Technologists Professional Career Foundations
Arts and Entertainment Administration
Caring Clown
CATIA Engineering Design
Children's Publishing
Coding, Programming and Algorithms: Computer Science Fundamentals
Computer Applications
Computer Programming for Game Developers
Conservation and Renewal of Urban Buildings
Costume Specialties
Creative Photography
Creative Writing
Drone/UAV Ground School
Early Childhood Mental Health and Well-Being
Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Environmental Sciences
Family Supports and Community Engagement
Film Production Techniques Using Mobile Devices
Fine Art Practice
Financial Predictive Data Analytics
Gender and Sexuality
Hadoop, Python, and Tableau Big Data Tools
Health Ethics
Health Informatics
Health Services Management
Human Body, The
Immigration and Settlement Studies
Intercultural Communication in the Canadian Workplace (ICCW)
Interdisciplinary Conflict Resolution and Team Building
Interdisciplinary Studies: Community Partnerships
Interdisciplinary Studies: International Field Experience
Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary Program Management
Internationally Educated Medical Doctors (ITMD) Bridging Program
Internet of Things (IoT), The
Introductory Accounting
Introduction to Health Data Analytics
Introduction to Privacy, Access, and Information Management
iPhone and Android Applications Developer
Leading and Planning for Patient Experience
Marketing Innovation
Marketing Research
Patient Safety and Nursing Informatics
Project and Workplace Budgets Coordination
Project Management
Research Methodologies and Program Evaluation
Retail Buying
Retail Operations
Scientific Research Policy and Ethics
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Practices and Reputation Management
Sports Marketing
Survival in Urban Disasters and Emergencies
Sustainability Management and Enterprise Process Excellence
Urban Agriculture
Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Developer for Smartphones
Website Design
Workplace Communication in Canada (WCC) Program

Part-Time Degrees

Business Management
Business Technology Management (BTM)
Child and Youth Care
Computer Science
Disability Studies
Early Childhood Studies
Health Information Management
Health Services Management
Nursing (BScN)
Public Administration and Governance
Retail Management
Social Work

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