For Current RN Students

Below is an academic plan to help guide you through our program from start to finish. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the program requirements and timelines.

Academic Planning

iPad with stethoscopeIf you meet the admissions criteria and you are regulated Registered Nurse (RN) and have a registration/licensure with a College of Nurses in a Canadian province or territory, follow these nine steps to create your preliminary academic plan.

  1. Review the relevant Program Curriculum section. Ensure that you understand and familiarize yourself with the four categories of courses that make up your program: required courses (including nursing practice), nursing elective, professionally related, and upper-level liberal studies courses.

  2. Decide how many courses you want to take each term. Beginning students usually take one course while they learn what it is like to be a student again. Avoid scheduling too many courses. In an effort to “fast track,” some students do not achieve the course learning outcomes and may reduce their GPA, which can affect post-graduate program admission. Be aware that instructors will not provide extensions due to course overload. For a guide, please visit our Flexible Learning Schedules.

  3. Identify the courses you want to take in priority sequence. Begin by scheduling your required courses and nursing elective. Then plan for your professionally related and upper-level liberal studies electives. Remember to verify all prerequisite and corequisite requirements (PDF) for courses prior to enrolling.

  4. Jot down the term, day of the week, and time courses are offered.

  5. Enrol in courses. 

    Enrolment in CNUR 805, CNUR 830, and CNUR 816 require departmental consent. To obtain consent, email the following information to
    Ryerson Student Number:
    Course Code:
    Mode of Delivery (in-class or online):
    RN Licence #:

  6. Transfer your rough notes on your academic plan to the appropriate Curriculum Planning Sheet (PDF). As you make new decisions about course preferences, revise your Curriculum Planning Sheet and consult with the program coordinator as needed.

  7. When you have completed half (50 percent) of the program requirements, you must formally apply for admission to the post-diploma degree (PDF) completion program through Ryerson University’s Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing. At the time of admission, all of the courses successfully completed through The Chang School will be credited to your degree; however, they will not be calculated in your program grade point average (GPA). You may apply for admission during two intake cycles: Fall or Winter. Remember to note the dates and deadlines for admission.

  8. Two semesters (when enrolled in CNUR 600 and/or CNUR 831) prior to enrolling in your CNCL 700/800 course, you must apply for registration in these nursing practice courses through the Central Placement Office. Registration in your nursing practice courses differs from regular enrolment in a course as planning and placement requests must be submitted and coordinated well in advance.

  9. Once you have enrolled in or applied for credit in your final courses, you must apply for graduation. It is also your responsibility to apply to graduate using the “Apply for Graduation” link at (RAMSS) by the applicable deadline date.