New Programs Launching in Fall 2017

The following programs will be launched by The Chang School for the 2017–2018 academic year. View a list of new courses and workshops to be launched.


Certificate in Advanced Accounting

This certificate builds on the skills learned in the Accounting–Finance certificate and further delves into technical skills in managerial accounting, finance, taxation, and accounting information systems. Students will develop competencies in analyzing, identifying and prioritizing issues; evaluating alternatives; and making appropriate recommendations that are feasible, ethical, and professionally sound.

Certificate in Local Economic Development

This certificate is designed to prepare development professionals with the skills and knowledge to thrive in public and private local economic development (LED) positions in the Canadian context.


Course Series in Architectural Preservation

This highly technical course series focuses on subjects related to building renovation, restoration and rehabilitation, and historical preservation and conservation.

Course Series in Conservation and Renewal of Urban Buildings

This course series prepares students to master solutions associated with existing asset evaluation of damage and deterioration; preservation and rehabilitation of existing assets and urban spaces; repair and re-use of materials associated with cost control; and best practices in adaptive re-use and sustainability.

Course Series in Drone/UAV Ground School

This course series prepares students for Transport Canada’s Pilot Knowledge Requirements and Special Drone/UAV Flight Operation Permit.

Course Series in Early Childhood Mental Health and Well-Being

This course series offers professionals in the field of early learning and care the opportunity to enhance professional practice skills related to child and family health, well-being, early intervention, and inclusive practices.

Course Series in Financial Predictive Data Analytics

This course series is intended to provide professionals with advanced mathematical knowledge to conduct financial predictive data analytics including how to utilize big data analytics methods to analyze financial data.

Course Series in Hadoop, Python, and Tableau Big Data Tools

This course series builds hands-on technical skills in Hadoop, Python, and Tableau Big Data Tools Administration. Students program and administer, within Hadoop, Python, and Tableau dedicated administrative platform environments, big data analytics queries on unstructured data, visual data, and social media data.

Course Series in Interdisciplinary Studies: Community Partnerships

This course series provides health and community services professionals and students with the knowledge and skills to build Interdisciplinary community partnerships and to understand the challenges of developing and sustaining partnerships.

Course Series in Interdisciplinary Studies: Interdisciplinary Program Management

This course series provides health and community services professionals and students with the knowledge and skills to plan and/or fundraise in various interdisciplinary team roles with a specific focus on healthcare managerial skills.

Course Series in the Internet of Things (IoT)

This course series explores emerging IoT technologies, monetization, and value creation of IoT for economic prosperity and the social good.

Course Series in iPhone and Android Applications Developer

This course series will teach Java programming for Android cell phones and Object-Oriented programming for iPhones for developing apps.

Course Series in Research Methodologies and Program Evaluation

This course series offers an introduction to quantitative and qualitative research methodologies from anti-oppression, anti-colonial, and anti-racism perspectives to social work students and community practitioners.