New Programs Launching in Fall 2018

The following programs will be launched by The Chang School for the 2018–2019 academic year. View a list of new courses and workshops to be launched.


Advanced Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Management

This certificate is designed to equip professionals with advanced analytical skills that can be applied to solving real world IT architecture and infrastructure challenges. Professionals will also gain knowledge on computer networking and security, as it applies to an operational environment.

Advanced International Trade Management

This certificate delves into understanding the complex world of international trade, which includes analyzing risk, managing business transactions, trade agreements, the global economy, ethical leaderships, government regulations, and exploring the role of export managers.

Entering Foreign Markets

This certificate examines strategies to assess international markets and ideas on how to expand into foreign markets. Learners will explore how location, culture, history, and politics impact businesses.

Foundations of International Management

This certificate examines the management process and how managers engage with partners, employees, and customers within an international context. This program is designed to allow learners to further advance their skills in international trade management or global management studies.

Occupational Health and Safety Leadership

This certificate is designed to meet the requirements of The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) and prepare professionals to take the board exam.


American Sign Language (ASL)

This course series offers an introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) which serves as the predominant sign language for deaf communities in the United States and Canada. Students will learn 500 signs per course.

Coding, Programming, and Algorithms: Computer Science Fundamentals

This course series provides skills in the most popular programming languages that include Java, C, Python, and the UNIX operating system. Some of the prerequisites needed to apply for Ryerson University’s Master of Data Science and Analytics can be fulfilled by completing this course series.

Fine Art Practice

This course series teaches learners about graphic design, animation, set design, as well examining the art history timeline from prehistoric to modern art.

Gender and Sexuality

This course series explores how gender and sexuality play into the following professions; social work, nursing, psychology, law, corrections, policing, government, policy, and human resources.

Interdisciplinary Studies: International Field Experience

This course series teaches learners tools, techniques, and strategies to help community development in an interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural setting.

Paediatric Health Assessment

This course series provides nurses with the advanced, system-specific health assessment knowledge and skills needed to assess infants, children, and adolescents.

Project and Workplace Budgets Coordination

This course series is designed to teach the following in demand skills; budget creation, cost control, workplace budget management, mobile project management, and project oversight and execution.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Developer for Smartphones

This course series is designed to provide hands-on experience with VR and AR for smartphones and tablets.

Website Design

This course series teaches learners both practical and theoretical knowledge on how to design effective and user friendly websites in-depth.