Intensive and Fast-Track Programs

The Chang School has developed unique intensive and fast-track programs that allow you to immerse yourself in a subject full-time with like-minded peers and expert instructors. Offered in a classroom setting in the spring/summer, intensive and fast-track programs typically run for 3-4 months and give you the opportunity to complete all or most of a certificate program. You will gain all the knowledge and skills you would in the regular certificate program, but in a much shorter period of time.

3-D Printing Fast Track (CKCS 995)

Gain hands-on experience in mastering to prototype with 3-D designs and animation through 3-D printers. Earn a Professional Development Award in 3-D Printing, Visualization, and Agile Product Prototyping by completing four courses.

Big Data Tools Fast Track (CKCS 996)

Develop hands-on technical skills in the most widely used and industry-accepted data analytics tools and applications. Earn a Professional Development Award in Hadoop, Python, and Tableau Big Data Tools by completing two of the required courses.

Business Communication Intensive (CDCM 999)

Develop the key skills and strategies essential to career advancement in professional environments with a strong foundation in writing, analytics, and research. Earn a Certificate in Business Communication over 12 intensive weeks.

Computer Programming Fast Track (CKCS 999)

Learn 3-D Unity and Autodesk's Maya to develop your programming and scripting skills set through this project-centred program. Earn a Professional Development Award in Computer Programming for Game Developers over six intensive weeks.

Computer Security Fast Track (CKDF 999)

Understand issues and technologies underlying the protection of computer systems and data, including information security and digital forensics, investigative protocols, and professional and ethical considerations. Earn a Certificate in Computer Security and Digital Forensics over 12 intensive weeks.

Data Analytics Fast Track (CKME 999)

Gain a strong technical foundation in data analytics, big data, tools, and statistics. The program content is designed to meet the requirements of the INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) program. Earn a Certificate in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics over 14 intensive weeks.

Design Management Intensive (CDDM 999)

Develop a strong foundation in the core principles, best practices, methodologies, and tools required for working in the dynamic field of design management over 16 intensive weeks. Complete six of the eight courses required to earn a Certificate in Design Management.

Digital Art Production Intensive (CDNM 999)

Sharpen your design, visual communication, and storytelling skills to create original content for the digital world. Explore graphic design, design for interaction, and Maya software. Earn a Certificate in Digital Art Production over 14 intensive weeks.

Disaster and Emergency Management Fast Track (CKDM 999)

Learn about the phases of disaster management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Learn to act as members of a team involved in, planning for, and dealing with emergency incidents. Earn a Certificate in Disaster and Emergency Management over 12 intensive weeks.

Drone/UAV Ground School Fast Track (CKCS 997)

Develop the skills, strategies, and laws that come with operating a drone, from safe setup to processing post-flight images and videos. Earn a Professional Development Award in Drone/UAV Ground School by completing three courses.

Interior Design Intensive (CDID 999)

Gain a strong foundation in interior design through design theory, drafting, space planning, and more. Earn a Certificate in Fundamentals of Interior Design over 14 intensive weeks.

Photography Studies Intensive (CDFP 999)

The focus of this hands-on program is on production, and you will have the opportunity to create several photography portfolios. Earn a Certificate in Photography Studies over 12 intensive weeks.

Project Management Fast Track (CKPM 999)

Learn project management fundamentals and access support in preparation for the Project Management Institute (PMI)® Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam over 13 intensive weeks. Complete six of the eight courses required to earn a Certificate in Project Management.

Public Relations Intensive (CDPR 999)

Learn the fundamental principles and skills of public relations (PR), and how to apply them in key practice areas. Earn a Certificate in Public Relations over 12 intensive weeks.

Publishing Intensive (CDPB 999)

Gain an overview of trade and educational publishing, as well as copy editing, production, publicity, and visual skills for publishing over 12 intensive weeks. Complete six of the eight courses required to earn a Certificate in Publishing.

Robotics and Embedded Systems Fast Track (CKRE 999)

Gain hands-on opportunities in the design, programming, and development of hardware- and software-related robotics and embedded systems found in electronics, medical equipment, and mobile commercial devices. Earn a Certificate in Robotics and Embedded Systems over 12 intensive weeks.

Summer Fashion Intensive (CDFC 999)

Develop the creative and commercial skills needed in the fashion coordination and styling areas of the fashion industry. Earn a Certificate in Fashion Coordination and Styling over 13 intensive weeks.

Summer Film School (CDMP 999)

This intensive program focuses on motion picture production, and you will have the opportunity to create a number of short films. Earn a Certificate in Film Studies over 12 intensive weeks.

Sustainability Management Fast Track (CKSS 999)

Learn to apply Lean Six Sigma and green economy concepts to your organization, to understand how sustainability can be translated into public policy, and to help your organization make the ongoing transition to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and broader sustainable practices. Earn a Certificate in Sustainability Management and Enterprise Process Excellence over 12 intensive weeks.

Ready to enrol?

Class sizes are limited, and enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early enrolment is strongly encouraged. Consult the individual program listings for intensive and fast-track program dates, fees, and enrolment details.