Digital Art Production

Side view of three artists working on computer at the officeDevelop your creative and technical skills in digital content production. Through your choice of electives, you have the option to learn design, visual communication, interaction design, and storytelling skills, and enrich your understanding of art, media, and culture in this hands-on program. Our experiential learning environment will support you in creating original content and integrating this content into the digital world.

Offered in cooperation with Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, The Chang School’s Certificate in Digital Art Production is the only program in Canada that offers a combination of applied creative and digital courses at the university degree-credit level in a flexible, part-time program.

Who should enrol in this program?

Our Digital Art Production program is for

  • current or aspiring industry practitioners in digital games, animation, graphic design, interaction and interface design, mobile app development, web design, computer-generated effects, or digital art;
  • digital professionals who want to improve their creative skills and develop their knowledge of art and design, as it applies to digital content creation;
  • visual artists who need digital skills to enhance their work and expand their audience;
  • students and graduates in related fields (e.g., film, photography, fine art, graphic design, journalism) who require digital skills to enhance their work;
  • students interested in acquiring a solid degree-credit foundation in Digital Art Production for further study at the undergraduate or graduate level; and
  • those who want to make a career change to a rapidly growing creative sector.

Certificate and Course Information

Enrol in individual courses or register for the Certificate in Digital Art Production. Consult the certificate program information for details, including course information, certificate requirements, and information about admission, registration, and graduation.

To provide you with more scheduling flexibility, several courses are offered online through distance education, including Digital Skills and Innovation for the Global Economy (CEID 100) and Visual Studies I (CMPC 101).

Fast-Track Your Certificate

Earn a Certificate in Digital Art Production in just 14 weeks with the Digital Art Production Intensive.

How Can a Certificate Benefit You?

Completion of our Certificate in Digital Art Production adds value to you! Here are some great reasons to pursue your certificate:

  • Build a comprehensive base of practical, real-world knowledge and skills.
  • Earn a well-respected credential that carries significant weight in this industry.
  • Develop professional connections through your fellow students, expert instructors, and other industry specialists.
  • Make your education a priority, complete a full program of study, and enjoy the reward of achieving a milestone goal.

Register now! Visit the Certificate in Digital Art Production for more information.

Program Design

In the Digital Art Production certificate program, the two required courses will give you a foundation in visual communication and storytelling, design, and art history. It is recommended, but not necessary, to take the required courses first.

To customize your studies, choose four electives in your area of interest. Focus on topics including digital skills for creative application, design skills crucial for success in digital arts, fiction screenwriting (which will interest those pursuing skills for the animation and game industries), and historical perspectives.

  • Fiction Screenwriting (CDMP 125): Learn professional script format, storytelling technique, and structure. The main project is writing a seven-minute screenplay.
  • Digital Skills and Innovation for the Global Economy (CEID 100): Learn to use social media applications including WordPress, Storify, and YouTube; use cloud-based software including Skype and Dropbox; build an app with AppBuilder tool; and use code to create webpages.
  • Graphic Design (CFPN 534): Learn how to use design software and lay out designs for print and screen. Projects include designing a digital font and a publication.
  • Interaction Design (CFPN 535): Learn how to design for optimal user experience. Through a semester-long project, learn and apply interaction design principles and practices to user interfaces in modern computer-mediated contexts.
  • Immersive Imaging (CFPN 537): Learn the video and lighting techniques necessary to produce virtual reality images using professional software. Work in groups to create a visual digital environment.
  • The Human Figure (CFPN 539): In this studio course, examine how characters are portrayed in film, video, and performance. Create portraits using photographs, video, and other techniques.
  • Digital Animation Concepts (CFPN 541): Use Maya software for 3-D character modelling, virtual environments, and movement. Create an animated sequence.
  • Design for Mobile Devices (CFPN 542): Learn to develop interfaces for phones and tablets that maximize user experience and effectively use font, colour, and icons. Plan, build, and test an interface using design software and mobile app building software.
  • Co-Operative Internship (CFPN 547): Gain professional experience in production situations and settings through this co-operative internship course.
  • Art in the Modern World (CMPC 203): Through lectures, image analysis, films, and gallery visits, learn the recent history of art that has shaped current culture and art movements.
  • History of Animation (CNPF 566): Learn through lectures and viewing animated films. Projects will require research and analysis of specific aspects of animation production.

Ready to enrol?

Enrol in person (350 Victoria Street), by mail, or online. Consult Enrolment for further details.

Contact Us

For more information on The Chang School’s Digital Art Production program, contact Rhonda Abrams, Academic Coordinator.