Course Series

Course Series

The Chang School is proud to offer dozens of course series on an open admissions, open enrolment basis. Course Series is a program or grouping of two or more courses in a defined area of knowledge or skill. Where indicated, successful completion may result in the achievement of a Professional Development Award or an Academic Achievement Award. Course series are typically comprised of certificate and/or degree credits, while some courses may be non-credit.

Who should register?

Course series are intended for everyone, including individuals who are

  • in the process of completing (or who have already completed) some post-secondary education and who need to expand their professional skills or strengthen their academic credentials;
  • intending to further their career advancement and upgrading or re-tooling their professional capacities for a career change;
  • satisfying entrance requirements in order to strengthen a future application to graduate school or to a career professional school; and/or
  • in job positions for which they need additional professional skills.

Admission Requirements

Course series are open admissions and open enrolment. Once you have successfully completed the courses, email The Chang School at with your name, student number, and the course series you have completed. Upon verification, you will receive your Professional Development Award or Academic Achievement Award.

Course Series

Ready to enrol?

Class sizes are limited, and enrolment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early enrolment is strongly encouraged. Consult the individual course series program listings for course offerings including dates, fees, and enrolment details.