Privacy, Access, and Information Management

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Every week there are news stories about threats to our privacy and security in this era of rapidly changing technology. High profile breaches, heightened surveillance, increased access to data – each of these trends present new and serious challenges for organizations and contribute to an increased demand for skilled privacy professionals.

The Certificate in Privacy, Access, and Information Management is a cross-disciplinary program designed to help students acquire the knowledge and expertise to tackle current and future challenges surrounding the privacy of, and access to, personal information. The certificate focuses on the areas of privacy governance and regulatory frameworks, information systems, and emerging technologies. Students will be well equipped for the future, developing in-demand “21st century skills” such as flexibility, adaptability, creative thinking, and collaboration within the privacy context.

Prepare yourself for a fruitful career as a privacy professional. This unique certificate will give you the foundational skills to:

  • Leverage technology as both the driving force for future policy issues and the provider of solutions.
  • Apply the principles of Privacy by Design, developed by Dr. Ann Cavoukian and considered by many privacy experts to be the industry gold standard for a proactive approach to privacy protection.
  • Communicate with experts across disciplines to develop effective privacy and access frameworks that focus on technology, information systems, and current regulations.
  • Grow competency in areas you identify as needing development, whether through more technology-oriented courses or by developing a “soft” skill such as management of change.

Apply your newly developed expertise to real-world problems. The final course of the certificate is designed to give you exposure to practitioners from many different sectors and help you practice applying what you have learned.

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