Business Decision Analysis

The demand for specialists in data analytics is growing as organizations worldwide realize the potential of harvesting data in order to gain a competitive edge. Professionals who can combine technical skills with specialized knowledge in a sector such as health care or business are in especially high demand.

Grounded in statistics, mathematics, and computer modeling, the Certificate in Business Decision Analysis is designed for adult learners who are interested in developing quantitative skills to support managerial decision making.

The program will help you acquire the expertise to effectively collect and use data to support business decision making as you:

  • use data from across the organization to improve business outcomes
  • create data collection and management strategies to support business decision-making
  • use facts to develop priorities for investing limited resources to the best advantage
  • work with new business models to change the balance between the company and the consumer

You will learn to identify and define particular business issues, ask the right questions, and use quantitative analysis to support your business’s viability (including the use of data specifically collected to address the issue) and, if appropriate, data banks of information available to everyone in today’s information rich climate.

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