Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits may be granted for Ryerson students registered in a G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education certificate program for courses successfully completed at another accredited post-secondary institution upon registration in a certificate. Approved Transfer Credits allow students to avoid repeating course work and complete their certificate program requirements sooner.

If you are not registered in a certificate program, refer to the section on Registration in a Certificate Program for application instructions.

For further information about Transfer Credits and how to apply, visit the Transfer Credits website.

Note: No more than a total of 50 percent of the program’s curriculum requirements may consist of Transfer Credits, Challenge Credits, and credits granted on a Letter of Permission.

Students do not need to apply for Transfer Credit for equivalent courses taken through The Chang School or in a previous Ryerson program. Students who completed similar courses through a previous Ryerson program may apply for course substitution. Refer to the section on Graduation or the Curriculum Advising website for more information.