When is New CECL Orientation night?
If you are a new CECL you should have received an email notification. You can also refer to New Continuing Education Contract Lecturer Orientation Night for further information.

How do I obtain my OneCard?
If you are a new CECL, you must have accepted your job offer in order to request the OneCard. Please visit the OneCard website to complete and print the request form. A Ryerson OneCard is required before the start of classes if you wish to use the Ryerson Library, borrow audiovisual equipment from Media Services and access Presentation Technology in the classroom.

NOTE: You only need to obtain your OneCard once. Keep it safe between teaching assignments; it will be re-activated automatically whenever you are re-hired to teach at The Chang School.

Where is my classroom?
Your classroom information can be found in your RAMSS Faculty Centre. Alternately, you can look up your classroom location on the Classroom Lookup page of our website. Classroom locations will be finalized the week before classes start.

Can I change my classroom?
Classrooms are assigned based on a variety of criteria including class enrolment, special requirements, etc. Classroom space is limited as we typically run a full schedule. In most cases it is not possible to change the location of your classroom. However, if you feel that relocation is essential, contact the logistics coordinator at 416.979.5000, ext. 6673, and your request will be considered.

I need a projector/smart room. How do I request one?
You can place a request for a Presentation Technology (Ptech) room at the earliest possible date before the start of classes by emailing Vonetta Sealy at vsealy@ryerson.ca. We do our best to accommodate all requests, however, there is no guarantee your request can be fulfilled. If we cannot accommodate your request, please contact Media Services for a media cart.

How do I request a media cart?
Please contact Media Services – they oversee all Presentation Technology support on campus. Call 416.979.5000, ext. 4444, send an email to help@ryerson.ca, or visit their office located at Kerr Hall East, room 227.

What are the copyright regulations at Ryerson?
The Ryerson Library provides helpful support to ensure that copyright regulations are followed. Their Do-It-Yourself Copyright Checking page is a great resource with tips on how to use copyrighted material legally.

How do I get photocopies printed?
For print jobs of more than 250 sheets, CECLs are required to use Duplicating and Printing Services.

  • Authorization forms can be picked up from the front desk located on the main floor at Heaslip House.
  • Complete all parts of the form, including instructions as to the number of copies, special details, and the date required, so that your order can be processed quickly and accurately.
  • Whenever possible, material should be photocopied double-sided.
  • While photocopying services may be available while you wait, most orders should be completed within 24 hours.
  • Duplicating and Printing Services can print out documents submitted on CD or memory stick, but the file must be ‘print ready’ and in PDF format. The equipment does not accept any other file format.
  • Please note: any photocopies made outside of Ryerson will not be reimbursed.

Before class, CECLs are permitted to use the Heaslip House staff photocopier on the second floor for last-minute, low volume photocopying (maximum 250 sheets).

Can I get reimbursed for photocopies/supplies (e.g., white board markers, etc.)?
No. The Chang School provides whiteboard markers and white chalk for CECLs which can be picked up from the 2nd floor of Heaslip House.

How do I upload course readings in my D2L shell?
The Ryerson Library provides the One-Stop Course Reading Service to help you post course readings in your D2L shell. The Library will also check copyright permissions for you before posting the readings. Email your reading requests to reserve@ryerson.ca.

How do I cancel a class?
In the event of an emergency where you are unable to teach one of your classes and it must be cancelled, you must:

  • Contact The Chang School immediately at 416.979.5035.
  • Post an announcement for your students in your D2L course shell.
  • Communicate details of your arrangements to make up the missed class to your students and to the logistics coordinator at 416.979.5000, ext. 6673, as soon as possible.

Our staff will attempt to notify all registered students and will post a notice on the classroom door.

Why is my Ryerson email terminated?
CECL email access is suspended 280 days after the end of your last contract. However, you will still be able to login to my.ryerson.ca and access the eHR portal.

Course shells

How do I request a D2L course shell?
In order to request a D2L course shell, you must be logged in to my.ryerson.ca. Then, refer to this step-by-step guide for requesting a course shell.

Why can’t I request a course shell yet?
There is a waiting period from the date you accept the job offer to being listed in RAMSS as the Continuing Education Contract Lecturer (CECL). Please ensure you have accepted your offer and activated your Ryerson Online Identity at ryerson.ca/accounts. For further assistance, contact help@ryerson.ca.

Do I need to provide a course outline?
Ryerson’s Course Management Policy (Policy 145) specifies that students will be provided with a course outline, either electronically on the University’s learning management system (D2L Brightspace) or in hard copy, by or at the first meeting of every course. The information in the outline should be discussed during the first class, and may be supplemented by more detailed information that is provided later in the course.

A copy of your course outline must also be sent to ceprogram@ryerson.ca at the beginning of each term.

Where do I get a template for a course outline?
Please email changteach@ryerson.ca to obtain a course outline template.


When are final grades due?
Please refer to Significant Dates.

What if I missed the deadline to submit grades?
Final grades must be submitted by the Registrar’s deadline. Please contact your Program Director to advise them of the reason for the delay and the anticipated date the grades will be submitted. The Grade Roster will remain open for you to enter the final grades when they have been finalized.

How do I change a grade?
If you have already changed the Approval Status of your Grade Roster to Approved, or if you are revising a grade after the final deadline, you will need to submit your grade changes using the new online grade revision process. See New Automated Grade Revision Process for detailed instructions. Please also review the New Automated Grade Revision Process - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

If your Grade Roster Approval Status is still showing Not Reviewed then you can still change the grade directly in the Grade Roster.

How do I input grades?
You must use your active Ryerson Online Identity and password to enter the final letter grades into RAMSS. You will access RAMSS and your grade roster through my.ryerson.ca. Detailed instructions on how to enter grades are found here.

Where can I find other relevant forms?
Please see Forms for Faculty and Administrators.


What are my responsibilities if a student needs special accommodation?
Ryerson University’s Senate Policy 159: Academic Accommodation of Students with Disabilities establishes guidelines and procedures for providing academic accommodation for students. Faculty, instructors, and staff may also wish to review the principles of Universal Design for Learning for ways to maintain classroom inclusivity and accessibility. For further information, please see Academic Accommodation Process.

Where will my final exam be held?
Final examinations for Chang School courses take place in the last scheduled class session, in the same classroom, unless otherwise prescribed in the curriculum.

Can I get an exam invigilator?
Yes, if your class is over 50 students. Please email your exam details to ceprogram@ryerson.ca to request invigilation assistance.

Do I get paid to invigilate my exams?
Invigilation is already included in your contract hours.

What if a student cannot attend an exam and needs to reschedule?
Your students are expected to complete all assignments, tests, and exams within the time frames and by the dates indicated in your course outline. However, Ryerson University policies allow a student who misses a mid-term or final exam for one of the following reasons only – religious observance, medical illness, or compassionate grounds – to formally request an alternate arrangement to write a makeup exam. The student’s request must be in writing and must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation. You should direct your students to the University’s Senate Policy 134: Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals and Policy 150: Accommodation of Student Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance. You can find more information on the Missed Mid-Term and Final Exam Procedure page.

Where should students submit their documents if they are missing an exam?
Undergraduate program students (UGRAD) are required to submit documentation to their respective program departments. The program departments are then required to email the appropriate instructor(s) to inform them that documentation has been received. Chang School students not enrolled in undergraduate programs (CNED career students) must submit their documentation to Chang School staff at the front desk at 297 Victoria Street.


How do I apply to teach at The Chang School?
All applications for teaching positions in The Chang School must be submitted online through Ryerson’s eHire system. Follow the steps outlined on our website.

How can I add my teaching dossier to my application?
The Ryerson hiring system only allows for one document (resume/dossier) to be uploaded. Please combine all the documents for your dossier (e.g. CV, teaching philosophy statement, teaching history, surveys, letters, etc.) into one file, either a Word doc or PDF with a maximum file size of 5MB and upload this document when prompted for a resume during your application process. Please be sure to save the dossier with a distinct name, such as “AB Cee CKPM Fall 2016 Dossier”.

Explore a tutorial here.

External applicants may download the User Guide.

Who do I contact if I can't log in into my applicant account?
If you cannot log into your careers.ryerson.ca account, please contact Human Resources.

If you cannot log into your my.ryerson account, please contact CCS.

If you recently were able to log in to your my.ryerson account and accepted your job offer, please inform CCS that you have just accepted an offer for the upcoming term.

When will I hear if I have received a teaching contract?
Contract offers for posted courses will be issued by deadlines set by the collective agreement for CUPE 3904 Continuing Education Contract Lecturers.