Security and Emergency Services

Ryerson University and The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education are committed to the safety and security of our staff, our continuing education contract lecturers (CECLs), and our students. Your familiarity with the following procedures and services will help ensure that you and your students are prepared to respond in the event of an emergency.


To Report an Emergency

In an emergency situation, contact Security by dialling “80” from any internal Ryerson telephone or by pressing one of the "emergency" auto dial buttons – #1 (red) for emergencies, #5 (yellow) for general information or the Walk Safe program – free of charge from any Bell payphone on the Ryerson campus. The emergency blue phones, located around the exterior of the campus and in the Quad area of Kerr Hall, are also a free call to Security. Ryerson Security’s NON-EMERGENCY number is 416.979.5040 (or ext. 5040 from internal phones). You can also activate the blue “distress pull station” located in most hallways of buildings where classes are held or the red “distress station” located in most accessibility stalls in washrooms.

Emergency Awareness, Preparedness, and Response Procedures

The Centre for Environmental Health, Safety and Security Management has published a guide detailing Ryerson’s policy regarding appropriate responses to various emergencies.

Student Behaviour

If you have concerns regarding a perceived risk from a student (for example, comments related to harming themselves or others), you should contact Security. Any threats or threatening actions made to you or to students in your class must be reported to Security immediately at 416.979.5040 (or ext. 5040 from internal phones). Ryerson’s Violence and Harassment Prevention program and guidelines outlines the steps you should take if you encounter concerning behaviour on campus.

If You Discover a Fire

  1. Close all doors, activate the nearest fire alarm pull station, and leave the fire scene. Notify anyone in the area of the fire and assist anyone with disabilities/special needs.
  2. Contact Security from a safe location. Dial “80”, press auto dial button #1 (red) on campus pay telephones, or use the emergency blue phones located around the exterior of the campus and in the Quad area of Kerr Hall. In each case, the call is free.
  3. Vacate the building by the nearest safe exit. Exit by stairwells; not use the elevators.
  4. Wait outside the building as directed by Security or the Fire Wardens.

When You Hear the Fire Alarm

  1. Remain calm, take your personal items, close the doors behind you, and evacuate the building immediately by walking to the nearest safe exit – do not use the elevators.
  2. Provide assistance to persons with disabilities.
  3. Contact Security if you require assistance.
  4. Once outside the building, remain outside until authorized to return by Security or the Fire Department.

If You Are Trapped

  1. Dial "80", if possible, to notify Security. If there is no phone, yell for help.
  2. Place towels/clothes (wet, if possible) at the bottom of the door.
  3. Open windows, if possible.

Duties of Continuing Education Contract Lecturers (CECLs) During Emergencies

  • In classrooms, labs, other assemblies, or work areas, when the fire alarm bells sound, stop the class or other activity, and advise all persons to take their personal items and evacuate the building through the nearest safe exit (do not use the elevators). Direct them to the nearest safe exit.
  • Provide assistance to persons with disabilities/special needs. If you are unable to do so, inform them to stay where they are and tell Security or the Fire Department where they are located. Ask if someone is willing to stay with them.
  • Take your personal items, close all doors, leave the building, and join your group at street level.
  • If, after waiting a period of time, you do not receive authorization to re-enter the building, you may use your discretion to cancel the class. Please notify The Chang School at 416.979.5035 or of your decision and how you will make up the lost teaching time.

Security and Emergency Services

Ryerson Security maintains a 24-hour facility located at 111 Bond Street. Ryerson has taken the following steps to help make our campus safe and secure:

  • Bike patrol unit, distinguished by their bike uniforms (e.g., yellow jackets). These officers carry out the same duties as foot patrol officers but offer a highly enhanced response time to community needs.
  • 24-hour uniformed security officers make regular patrols and identification checks. When on campus, carry your Ryerson OneCard (photo ID) or you may be denied access to a lab or classroom.
  • Posting of “Security Incidents” bulletins.
  • An escort to a campus parking lot or to the Dundas subway station is available by contacting the main security desk.

Walk Safe Program

Walk Safe Security officers are available to escort students, continuing education contract lecturers (CECLs), staff, and visitors of Ryerson to campus locations or to the Dundas subway station. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Walk Safe is available to escort you to the following parking lots off campus:

  • East and West lots at McGill and Church streets
  • Former Sears lot at Dundas and Mutual streets
  • Southeast lot at Dundas and Bond streets
  • Northwest and southwest lots at Dundas and Church streets
  • Parking lot under the Ted Rogers School of Management

If you are working alone in an area on campus, and you would like Security to conduct extra checks, Security can contact you regularly by telephone and/or an officer can come periodically to check on you.

How do I arrange for a Walk Safe escort or extra Security checks?

For a safer trip home, you or your students can approach a uniformed Security staff member or contact Security by dialing ext. 5040 (416.979.5040), or by pressing the #5 (yellow) auto dial button free of charge from any on-campus pay telephone.

Crime Stoppers

Telephone: 416.222.TIPS

  • You never have to give your name.
  • You never have to testify in court.
  • Your name will remain anonymous.

If you have any information on any incident on campus, please call 416.222.TIPS.