Procedures for Handing Disruptions to Mid-Term or Final Exams

If, during an exam, there is a fire alarm or you are advised by a Security officer to leave the building, continuing education contract lecturers (CECLs) and students must evacuate the building immediately – there are no exceptions.

Every attempt must be made to complete the exam on the evening scheduled. However, if a class is unable to re-enter the building due to an evacuation, the following guidelines will be of assistance to both you and your students.

If a fire alarm sounds, continuing education contract lecturers (CECLs) should calmly tell their students to do the following:

  1. Hand in all exam question papers and all answer sheets/booklets.
  2. Gather all their personal belongings and leave the building.
  3. Meet outside the building, staying together as a class group until receiving further instructions.

In the event of a fire alarm, it is vital that you wait with your class outside until Security staff let you know if and when you may re-enter the evacuated building.

Once you receive permission to re-enter the building, you and your students should proceed back to the classroom where the students will take their seats and resume writing the interrupted exam. Please allow students sufficient additional time to complete the exam.

If, during a final exam, the evacuated building cannot be re-entered, please follow one of these two procedures (as appropriate):

  1. If you have been assigned an alternate exam location, students should follow you to the location, take their seats, and resume writing the exam. Please allow sufficient additional time to complete the exam.
  2. If you have been assigned an alternate exam date, advise students to return on that date to write a new exam.