Foundations of International Management

The goal of the Certificate in Foundations of International Management is to give students an understanding of the basic functions, operations, and processes of management in an international context. This relevant, high-quality program requires the completion of four degree-credit courses that equip you with the skills needed to manage processes in a global business environment. In this certificate, students gain a foundational understanding of how business is conducted in key geographic regions, taking into account the major cultural, political, and economic factors that shape the approach to business in these areas.

To meet the needs of working professionals who require flexible programming, the courses in this certificate are offered in various formats. Successful completion of this certificate provides the foundation for upper level certificates, such as the Certificate in Advanced International Trade Management.

Did you know?1

1 in 4 heads shaded1 in 4 Canadian businesses considering international expansion don’t know where to start.

pie chart showing 90%Yet, 90% of Canadian companies that have expanded globally claim they were successful.

In today's global business environment, employers need people who:2

globe iconunderstand how the global economy, political events, cultures, and social institutions can impact a business and the industry within which it operates.

icon of a person with networkseffectively communicate, negotiate, contract, lead, organize, and coordinate activities across borders.

handshake and briefcase iconappreciate the business-related complexities of interacting with people from other cultures.

brain iconpractice agile thinking and adapt their management style as necessary.

Stand out from the crowd

handshake and briefcase iconThis four course certificate program gives learners the foundation of these competencies, while also providing a pathway to more advanced skill development.

1Aimia, Inc., 100 Global Champions: Supporting International Success for Mid-sized Canadian Companies, 2017.

2Linda D. Sharkey, Nazneen Razi, Robert A. Cooke, Peter A. Barge. “Winning with Transglobal Leadership: How to Find and Develop Top Global Talent to Build World-Class Organizations.” McGraw Hill, 2012.