University Standards

By the act of enrolling for a course of study, each student at Ryerson agrees to observe and be bound by the terms of this notice, and the terms, conditions, regulations, and policies contained in this calendar.

Ryerson shall be the sole arbiter of standards for admission to its courses of study and may, without prior notice, limit enrolment in or admission to any course or program at any level.

Ryerson reserves the right to change, without notice, any information appearing online pertaining to the standards for admission to, the requirements for the continuation of study in, and the requirements for the granting of degrees or certificates in any of its programs.

Ryerson reserves the right to alter the fees and other charges and to impose from time to time additional regulations, policies, and codes of conduct. Enrolling students are required to familiarize themselves with the general academic information on this website, as well as with the information pertaining to the course or courses in which they are enrolled.

Ryerson reserves the right to withdraw or cancel programs, certificates, or courses that are under enrolled. Ryerson reserves the right to make such changes in rules, regulations, and promotional policies as may be required.

Course descriptions are provided as a matter of general information to assist present and prospective students in selecting their programs of study. Students are cautioned that actual course content and the hours and type of instruction may vary from the listings. Students are required to familiarize themselves with, and be governed by, the rules and regulations of The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and their promotional policies.

Chang School students should consult the Important Dates to ensure that they are aware of key dates affecting their academic study.