Our Students

This certificate is designed for a range of audiences, including:

  1. New degree program graduates looking to elevate their business credentials.
  2. Working professionals moving into an international business environment.
  3. People who wish to take an advanced certificate offered by Global Management Studies, such as the Certificate in Advanced International Trade Management.
  4. Continuing education students who may want to ladder into the part-time or full-time undergraduate degree program.

For professionals whose companies are pursuing global initiatives or feeling pressure from global competitors, the certificate courses listed below develop a range of international management and operational competencies.

Effectively communicate ideas and concepts in a cross-cultural business environmentCGMS 200
CGMS 400
Define and understand the basic functions of managementCGMS 200
Identify strategic decision-making to compete effectively in a changing global environmentCGMS 400
Describe the production and operations management process in the transformation of goods and services from inputs to outputsCGMS 401
Apply various statistical techniques in the support of managerial decisions in the various functional areas of businessCQMS 102
Differentiate factors that shape business approaches in key geographic regionsCGMS 400
Apply theory in real world case studies, simulations, or projectsCGMS 200, CGMS 401, CGMS 400, CQMS 102