Classroom Lookup

Please select a term and type the course number (Subject and Catalog #) and click “Search” to see the names of the CECLs and classroom locations.

  • CECLs and classrooms are subject to change.
  • Classroom listings are finalized by approximately 3:00 p.m. the first day of the course in question. (Listings that appear before 3:00 p.m. are tentative: signs will be posted with final listings if there are any changes.)
  • Campus Maps will help you locate classrooms.


  • A single-term course code consists of a four-letter Subject and a three-digit Catalog Number (e.g., “CACC 100”).
  • A multi-term course consists of a four-letter Subject and a two-digit Catalog Number followed by “A” or “B”. “A” corresponds to the first half and “B” corresponds to the second half of the course (e.g., “CBLG 10A” and “CBLG 10B”).
  • To see all of the courses within a Subject for a given term (e.g., all “CACC” courses), simply type in the Subject portion of the course code.
  • Course codes that do not start with the letter “C” and have only three letters are for courses that are not offered by The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. Listings for these courses are not available through this service.


Course/Class Location and Instructor Information
You did not choose a subject code for your search. A subject code is always required, and you may also specify the catalog number if you know the exact course that you are looking for.