Important Dates

Managing your time effectively also means being aware of the many dates and deadlines that affect you as a Chang School student, and planning accordingly. Here are the various dates you should make yourself aware of and carefully record. Note: This is not an exhaustive list.

The Chang School will observe Ryerson University’s Fall and Winter Study Weeks; some courses may not observe these Study Week breaks (see Statutory Holidays/University Closed for Study Week closure information and consult individual course listings for course durations and scheduling information or read our Study Weeks FAQ).

NOTE: Full-time undergraduate program students who enrol in continuing education courses through The Chang School should be aware that continuing education deadlines are applicable and may differ from those outlined in the undergraduate calendar.

Statutory Holidays/University Closed
Holidays observed by Ryerson University when our facilities are not open to the public.
Victoria DayMay 20, 2019
Canada DayJuly 1, 2019
Ryerson DayAugust 2, 2019
Civic HolidayAugust 5, 2019